Cornell University

World Top University,, Cornell University

Founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson white, the Cornell University is a private and Statutory Iry league research University. It is Located in Ithaca, New York. The Cornell University administers  two satellites medical campuses in New York, Education city, Qatar and a Graduate Program about technology & Business, Names as Cornell Tech. The Cornell University’s President is Martha E Pollack and Michael Kotlikoff is the Provost of the University. The Cornell university Provides 4000 Courses across 100 academic departments, 80 undergraduate majors and 90 minors and 108 graduate fields of study. In Ithaca campus the Cornell University is organized into seven undergraduates  colleges and seven graduate discussions. The Cornell University as a whole, has established 7 undergraduate schools and colleges which include the college of agriculture and life sciences, the college of Architecture, Arts and Planning, the college of Arts and sciences, The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business( comprised of 3 Business Schools, the schools of Hotel Administration, the Charles H Dyson schools of Applied Economics and Management and the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate school of Management), The college of Engineering, the college of Human Ecology, the school of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR), As the Special-Mission Faculty units the faculty of computing and Information science and as the graduate and Professional colleges and schools , the Cornell SC Johnson college of Business, Cornell Tech( New York City), Cornell Law school, The college of Veterinary Medicine, The Graduate School, Weill Cornell Medicine (NYC), Weill Cornell Medicine (Doha Qatar), Weill Cornell Graduate school of Medical Sciences (NYC) can be Mentioned. The school of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions is the Cornell University’s Units of Continuing Education.

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